Relay Criteria

Nationwide Alerts

Nationwide Alerts, such as Emergency Action Notifications, and National Tests are given the highest priority

Regional Alerts

Local Alerts as defined Local Area, will be relayed at a higher priority than non-local alerts. These alerts may or may not contain attention tones (Local NWR Will NOT).

Non-Local Weather/EAS Alerts

Areas recieving severe weather will be relayed over my stream with no delay, IF there are streams and other monitoring sources available

Additionally, any alerts from the GWES EAS Relay Network (ICON Changes, Announcements) will be relayed immediately.

Alerts on timed relay

THE FOLLOWING ALERTS have exceptions and will vary on circumstances


TLDR: Non-Local Demos, Weekly Tests, and alerts with bad or quiet audio are not relayed over ERN/JON

Only local alerts are sent over JONLOCAL