About WJON

For the WJON IP EAS Handbook, please click here: WJON Handbook.

WJON/IP is an IP based radio station based out of Fairfax County, Virginia. We provide our listeners with a variety of music!

We bring you EAS (Emergency Alert System) information when you need it the most!

Currently, WJON is run off of a SAGE EAS ENDEC (1822). This ENDEC (ENcoder, DECoder) allows alerts to be forwarded immedietly upon reception. Most alerts will be relayed automatically. Please view our Alert Relay Criteria to learn more!

WJON also has a TFT EAS 911 used for local monitoring. This is sent to the SAGE under the callsign "LOCALJON".

Here is a list of improvements coming to WJON in the future

This list will indicate features and new additions to WJON that are planned or will occur shortly. Please do not use this seriously, as this is only a guide for what is to come!

Short Term (Within a Week)

Medium Term (Within a Month)

Long Term (A while, or may not happen at all)


WJON/IP is in no way affiliated with any stations in real life, nor does the content on this website reflect on any AM/FM station

We are not held responsible for any irl activations of the emergency alert system, nor are we to be held responsible for any malicious usage of our broadcast/website

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